General Nathan Bedford Forrest


General Robert E Lee stated

After his surrender, when asked by a Union Officer who he thought his greatest general was, General Robert E. Lee replied, "Sir, a gentleman I have never had the pleasure to meet, General Nathan Bedford Forrest." 

 Of the 54 engagements Forrest was in, he lost only one. He had 29 horses shot out from beneath him and was wounded at least 8 recorded times, most likely many more. When the chips were down,Forrest would provide a victory. When the Confederacy's back was against the wall, Forrest always came through. He was revered by a slowly dying nation because "That Devil Forrest"always delivered.


German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel (the Desert Fox)

studied Forrest's battle tactics as did the U.S. Army's 'Ole Blood and guts" General George S. Patton, and General 'Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf who was my Commander during Desert Storm. The Institute for Military Studies concluded that the Battle of Brice's Crossroads (won by Forrest), was perhaps the most spectacular display of tactical genius during the war. Union General William T. Sherman (the real butcher) said that he would get "that devil Forrest" if it cost him 10,000 in lives and broke the US treasury. Sherman sent four successively larger armies after Forrest, and he decisively defeated each one. 


General Forrest Post War Years and His Legecy

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UCV General Forrest Items


The most renowned

Cavalry Commander of the Civil War was honored at the 1901 and 1909 UCV National Reunions held in his hometown of Memphis. Anything related to General Nathan Bedford Forrest is highly sought after. Represented here a just a few of the examples of these items that I have in my collection.  


UCV members who

rode with General Forrest were always present at every state or national reunion and there was always a demand for them to tell their stories. There was no way you could not tell who they were and who they rode with. That Devil Forrest"


Forrest Cavalry Corp

It wasn't long after the formation of the UCV in 1889, that a calling came from within the ranks for a separate subdivision group within the United Confederate Veterans, Forrest Cavalry Corp Veterans. Below is the culmination of the call. The Forrest Cavalry Corp Medal. This were only give to CS Veterans who "Rode With Forrest"