The Story Of The Confederate Lost Cause Cannons.


In 2015 I restored a

Civil War Mountain Howitzer. This gun tube was one of only 3 that were cast at the Tannehill Foundry here in Alabama after it was rebuilt for the Bi-Centennial of 1976. When this piece was found, it was in terrible shape and needed a new life. The carriage was completely rebuilt to period specification’s out of a solid piece of white oak on 36 inch wheels. The ram-rod, sponge and wormer were hand made to the exact look of the Civil War period. I decided we had to name it so I came up with The Lost Cause Cannon.


After taking this beauty out for test firing

(which was awesome) I posted the video and have had several inquiries wanting to know if it was “For Sale” It is NOT. So I built the second one for a gentleman in Louisiana and he is having a BLAST with his. I built the one below with the same love and Southern craftsmanship and it is ready for immediate delivery. So if you are looking a small lightweight Civil War cannon here it is all ready to go. I guarantee this one will give you years of fun and shooting enjoyment. 


The 1st Model Prairie carriage

is made of a solid piece of white oak mounted on 38” wheels with all iron hardware and comes with ram rod with worm and a ram rob with  sponge, 10 friction primers, lanyard and a pond of powder. 

The Lost Cause Cannon Firing

Here is some video that we took at The Eight Oak Ranch with our buddy Deputy Dan when we test fired the original "Lost Cause Cannon" This is the cannon that started the whole Lost Cause Cannon Madness.

The Lost Cause Cannon And Tripplet Sister Firing

We were invited out to Jim Byrd's place to test fire the Triplet Sister and the Original Lost Cause Tannehill cannon. He had an absolute blast firing this cannon. They are great to shoot, easy to move and cost less than $8 a round to fire. So if you have been looking for a Civil War Confederate cannon, this is the perfect one to own.


Video of the Lost Cause V firing. I built this one with 42 inch wheels which gives it a Field Gun look. It has all the whistles and bell to include brass elevation screw box, removable trunnion's and caps. The carriage is made of one solid piece of seasoned white oak. It was finished with 4 coats of boiled linseed oil before being painted. This one will give you years of GREAT firing. Come with 1lb of powder, 10 friction primers, lanyard, rammer/sponge and sponge/wormer. $8500.00


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Me & Frank Bonner (on the right) with the Lost Cause cannon's Twin Sister. He commissioned me to build this one as he wanted the original and it is NOT for sale. He drove over and got the training he need to fire, care for and transport his new baby. He hauled it back to Louisiana and he has been firing it as often as he can.